Conjure animals helper fordruids

Managing the conjure animals spell during combat can be overwhelming and can take out the speed of combat. This tool aims to solve that problem by providing inputs for all the possible animals. Tracking HP, advantage, disadvantage and dice rolls.

The Three Quack Inn

Welcome to the Three Quack Inn, an inn dedicated to adventurers and storytellers alike. Come sit by the warm fires, eat until your belly is full and sleep like a king in ours beds. The Three Quack Inn helps Gamemasters and players with tools to use in their games. Only a few tools are available right now, but more features are on the list to be added.

The goal

GitHub page

The Three Quack Inn came to life after one of the online sessions playing Dungeons & Dragons where I am playing as a Goliath Druid. Druids are fun to play, but managing the skills can sometimes be a bit tricky and can take the speed out of combat, especially the Conjure Animals spell where several animals can be spawned and each have their own initiative order and rolls. Thus theConjure Animalshelper was born.

But so much more can be created to help game masters and players enjoy their games a bit more with easy to use tools. With that idea in mind, I created this website to try and facilitate those tools. Coincidentally, my goal for some time has been to create a website with new technologies and this seemed a perfect fit for learning those new technologies.

If you have got a good idea for a feature, feel free to join theDiscord server (invite link)or message me onReddit. Another way is to contribute your time to make these tools a reality! If you happen to be a developer or simply would like to take a look at the open issues / feature planning, please go to theGithub page. Together we can create awesome tools.